1. Union Website
  2. Social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Radio
  3. WhatsApp and SMS
  4. Pickets, protest and COSATU and Civil society Marches
  5. Using the 16 days of activism campaign to talk about GBV


  1. Young workers, in particular Women and Survivors of GBV and other violence.
  2. Community men and women (The reason for this is that a big number of the community are unemployed hence the high rate of GBV)
  3. Union leadership and Trade Unions as (Employer) The reason is that many cases are happening in the Trade Union and they are not reported as we hide behind not having a policy.
  4. Men in workplaces, community and society (There are men who are coming out acknowledging they have a problem and need assistance)


  1. GBV is deeply rooted in societal norms but it is also interlinked with economic and institutional factors such as Women’s access to paid employment. A large number or women are unemployed, that compel them to stay in abusive relationships.
  2. Break the limit, create equal opportunity, free and fair participation of women with men in every sphere. That will gradually end Gender Based Violence.
  3. We need to change the way people think, bearing in mind that change doesn’t come just by formulating and imposing laws.
  4. We need to reach out to young people, including those in remote and rural areas without internet access, and tap into new ideas that could paint a new future for our countries.


  1. Ending GBV and Sexual Harassment in the world of work, with a focus on informal Women workers.
  2. Supporting Traditional Sexism such as traditional Gender Roles, treating women as worse than men, employing traditional stereotypes which portray women as less competent than men. (This is rife in Trade Unions)
  3. Be a Leader: Keep yourself, your family and community safe against GBV, Sexual Harassment and COVID19

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